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Paragard is an intrauterine device (IUD), initially manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals. Now, Paragard is manufactured by Cooper Surgical. Approved by the FDA in 1984, it is used as a long-term birth control device: according to Cooper Surgical, it provides “up to 10 years of Pregnancy Prevention”. Paragard IUD Lawsuit Attorneys at Arentz Law Group, P.C. are currently reviewing defective product lawsuits on behalf of individuals who may have suffered complications from Paragard Copper IUD’s.

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Paragard Problems Prompt Lawsuit Investigation January 9, 2021 — IUDs are some of the most effective contraceptive devices on the market. Paragard is no exception. It is 99.9% effective in preventing pregnancy, and works for up to a decade. Paragard Lawsuit Filed Women are filing Paraguard IUD removal complication lawsuits against Teva Pharmaceuticals.

Have you or a loved one experienced breakage when your Paragard IUD was removed?

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The claim of the lawsuit against the manufacturers of Paragard (Teva Pharmaceuticals and The Cooper Companies) is that both companies knew about the defect of the design and the device's capability for breaking, but did not warn health care professionals or government regulators and instead overly focused on the benefits of the device. Why you should file a Paragard lawsuit?

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If you or a loved one was implanted with the Paragard IUD and then experienced serious side effects such as those listed above, you may be eligible to file a Paragard IUD lawsuit to recover damages.

Paragard iud lawsuit

In addition, a design defect can cause the IUD to break during removal. A ParaGard IUD lawsuit lawyer will advise you about the next steps in pursuing compensation if you have been the victim of a Paragard IUD that caused you injury or distress. A lawyer will: Speak to you about the circumstances of how your Paragard IUD was installed, and the specific details of how the device caused you harm Our Paragard Lawsuit attorneys have helped thousands of injured victims and their loved ones. Contact Our Paragard IUD Lawsuit Attorneys Today. For more information on the process of joining a class action lawsuit against Paragard IUD, contact the Gerling Law injury attorneys today. 6 days ago Broken IUD Causes.
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Paragard iud lawsuit

The Paragard IUD has a life expectancy of about ten years before it needs to be replaced, but a healthcare professional can remove it at any time. Paragard is marketed as the only IUD without hormones and Teva Pharmaceuticals claims it is 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. 2021-01-13 · Settlements for a Paragard IUD lawsuit are meant to compensate women plaintiffs for injuries stemming from their copper IUD device breaking during removal. Plaintiffs are suing Teva Pharmaceuticals and CooperCompanies for creating the defective product and failing to warn them about the risks. Paragard IUD Lawsuits. If you believe you have experienced complications while using a Paragard IUD, you may have a claim for money damages.

Our experienced attorneys are  Paragard can break during the removal process, and many women have no idea. However, the manufacturer knew of these damages yet did nothing to warn  and is working on a national lawsuit involving Johnson & Johnson baby powder and ovarian cancer and also damages due to the paraguard (copper IUD). A federal judge recently ruled that a class action lawsuit over The Campbell's Soup Preservatives Class Action Lawsuit is Schwartz, et al. v. Do You Qualify: ParaGard IUD Removal Side-Effects Lawsuit Claim Review.
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Current state of the legal proceedings [February 2021] Currently, attorneys are trying to hold Teva Pharmaceuticals liable for injuries sustained through the use of the Paragard IUD. Attorney Requests Female Judge to Hear Paragard IUD Injury Lawsuits. December 04, 2020 - An attorney representing a woman claiming that she was harmed by the Paragard IUD made by Teva Pharmaceuticals USA Inc. on Thursday told the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation that cases over the birth control device should be sent to a federal judge in Atlanta in part because the judge is a woman A Paragard IUD lawsuit was filed in state court against Teva Pharmaceuticals after a Florida woman had issues with the device. Within a year of device implantation, she began to experience severe complications, needing surgery to remove the device after it migrated out of her uterus and became embedded in her colon. What are the grounds for a Paragard IUD lawsuit?

How Do IUDs Work? Paragard vs Mirena: Which IUD is best for you?: Bedsider. Paragard vs Mirena IUD Lawsuits - Information About Mirena IUD Injury Did you lose weight after  Gold | Use of Relationship Marketing of 2018 - MM+M NDC 0069-0501 Xeljanz XR Tofacitinib. Xeljanz Lawsuits |  Recent Posts. Diagram based 2006 ford explorer wiring diagram · Swift vapor 4 · 7 oz dawn dish soap · Paragard iud class action lawsuit 2017  Amtrak has filed a federal lawsuit against a southwest Kansas feed yard, accusing it of Copper Repiping Iud With Copper Copper Guttering Pex Or Copper. I was not informed until WELL after I had my copper IUD inserted that it was to get malpracticed on by a random know-how is a serious lawsuit waiting to  Plaintiffs in the suits filed against Teva Pharmaceuticals, which owned the Paragard brand from 2008 to 2017, allege that the device fractured during removal and pieces — including the device’s A Paragard IUD lawsuit is a claim for financial compensation by women who were injured by the Paragard T 380A fracturing in their uterine cavity.
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While the design of the IUD may have been acceptable, if the item was poorly constructed or constructed using brittle materials, Teva or Cooper may still be held legally responsible for complications arising from broken devices. Paragard IUD was presented as a hormone free birth control device.

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Serious production defects have led to broken IUD's, with the breakage occurring either during the implantation process or  Paraguard IUD Lawsuit The Paragard IUD is a non-hormonal, long-term birth control device. Paragard and other implants are now the third most widely used  A design defect is now causing many Paragard IUD devices to dangerously fracture inside the body during the process of removal.

Paragard lawsuits filed for women experiencing a break in the Paragard IUD birth control device during removal causing painful complications and removal surgery. The Teva Paragard IUD birth control device has been linked to a defect which can cause the device to break during removal and embed in the uterus requiring a painful removal surgery. Paragard IUD Lawsuit Many women use intrauterine devices (IUDs) to delay pregnancy without having to deal with the inconvenience of taking daily birth control pills. .